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Newsletter Meditatio Konferencje

Newsletter „Meditatio” publikowany przez Miedzynarodowe Biuro Światowej Wspólnoty Medytacji Chrześcijańskiej w Londynie.

Kwiecień 2016


Newsletter April 2016


A letter from Laurence Freeman OSB

Three years of The Meditatio Centre

A welcoming, tranquil place - by Christianna Marion Mitchell

Belgium: A New Meditation Group in Brussels - by Frits Smulders

Asia: Mobile technology helping people to meditate

Interfaith friendship: Fr. Laurence visits the Dalai Lama and discusses the next Way of Peace

Mexico: Hundreds of children meditating in rural Mexico – by Enrique Lavin

Italy: National Conference and welcome from Pope Francis at St. Peter's Square - by Silvia Fasciolo

Caribbean: Meditating with the children of Antigua - by Sr Ruth Montrichard

Australia: Archbishop of Canberra becomes WCCM Patron

In Focus: Joseph Pang fromHong Kong


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